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‘Contemporary Marxist Theory: A Reader’ by Andrew Pendakis, Jeff Diamanti, Nicholas Brown, Josh Robinson & Imre Szeman



This volume brings together works written by international theorists since the fall of the Berlin Wall, showing how today’s crisis-ridden global capitalism is making Marxist theory more relevant and necessary than ever. This collection of key texts by prominent and lesser-known thinkers from Latin America, Asia, Africa, America, and Europe showcases an area of scholarly analysis whose impact on academic and popular discourses as well as political action will only grow in the coming years. It reflects today’s sense of planetary eco-emergency and a heightened interest in political economy that follows discontentment with the growing inequalities in the West and the unequal nature of development in the “global South.”The work is organized thematically, with sections covering the present historical conjuncture, the contemporary shapes of the social, philosophical concepts, theories of culture, and the status of the political today. This new formulation of the unity and nature of contemporary Marxist theory will be an invaluable resource to any humanities and social science student learning about social and political thought and theory.----ContentsAcknowledgments
Introduction: Marxisms Lost and FoundPART ONE Notes on the Conjuncture1 Capitalistic Systems, Structures, and Processes
Félix Guattari and Eric Alliez
2 Rethinking Marx’s Critical Theory
Moishe Postone
3 The Impasses of Liberal Productivism
Alan Lipietz
4 Recapturing
Paulin Hountondji
5 Immaterial Labor
Maurizio Lazzarato
6 Women, Land Struggles, and Globalization: An International Perspective
Silvia Federici
7 The Idea of a “Chinese Model”
Arif DirlikPART TWO Shapes of the Social8 Is there a Neo-Racism?
Étienne Balibar
9 Marx after Marxism: A Subaltern Historian’s Perspective
Dipesh Chakrabarty
10 The Logic of Gender: On the Separation of Spheres and the Process of Abjection
Maya Gonzalez and Jeanne Neton
11 Postmodernism or Class? Yes, Please
Slavoj Žižek
12 Communization in the Present Tense
Théorie Communiste
13 Patriarchy and Commodity Society: Gender without the Body
Roswitha ScholzPART THREE Vicissitudes of Truth14 Scattered Speculations on the Question of Value
Gayatri Spivak
15 Philosophy as Operation
Pierre Macherey
16 What is Transcritique?
Kojin Karatani
17 The Idea of Communism
Alain Badiou
18 The Kingdom of Philosophy: The Administration of Metanoia
Boris Groys
19 Twenty-Five Theses on Philosophy in the Age of Finance Capital
Imre Szeman and Nicholas BrownPART FOUR Theories of Culture20 Misplaced Ideas: Literature and Society in Late-Nineteenth-Century Brazil
Roberto Schwarz
21 Traditionalism and the Quest for an African Literary Aesthetic
Chidi Amuta
22 Marxist Literary Theory, Then and Now
Imre Szeman
23 The Antinomies of Postmodernity
Fredric Jameson
24 Reading Dialectically
Carolyn Lesjak
25 Creative Labor
Sarah Brouillette
26 The Work of Art in the Age of its Real Subsumption Under Capital
Nicholas BrownPART FIVE Machinations of the Political27 State Crisis and Popular Power
Álvaro García Linera
28 Constituent Power: The Concept of a Crisis
Antonio Negri
29 Radical Politics Today
Chantal Mouffe
30 On Political Will
Peter Hallward
31 Communicative Capitalism: Circulation and the Foreclosure of Politics Jodi Dean
32 Ten Theses on Politics
Jacques Rancière
33 A Contradiction between Matter and Form
Claus Peter Ortlieb
34 Misery and Debt: On the Logic and History of Surplus Populations and Surplus Capital
Aaron Benanav and John CleggSources