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‘Cultures of Fear: A Critical Reader’ by Uli Linke & Danielle Taana Smith



In Cultures of Fear, a truly world-class line up of scholars explore the formation and normalisation of fear in the context of war and terrorism.“Freedom from fear” is a universal right and fundamental for human well-being. People often look to governments, humanitarian agencies, and other institutions to further this aim. However, this book shows that these organisations often use the same “logic of fear” to monitor, control, and contain human beings in zones of violence.This is an excellent interdisciplinary reader for students of anthropology, sociology and politics. Contributors include Noam Chomsky, Slavoj Žižek, Jean Baudrillard, Catharine MacKinnon, Neil Smith, Cynthia Enloe, David L. Altheide, Cynthia Cockburn and Carolyn Nordstrum.----ContentsAcknowledgments
1. Fear: a conceptual framework – Uli Linke and Danielle Taana SmithPart One: Cultures of Fear
2. The New War against Terror – Noam Chomsky (MIT)
3. Engineering Ruins and Affect – Joseph Masco (University of Chicago)
4. Terrorism and the Politics of Fear – David L. Altheide (Arizona State University)
5. Welcome to the Desert of the Real – Slavoj Žižek (University of Ljubljana)Part Two: States of Terror
6. Human Rights and Complex Emergencies – Lucia Ann McSpadden and John R. MacArthur (Pacific School of Religion & Centers for Disease Control)
7. Speechless Emissaries – Liisa H. Malkki (Stanford University)
8. Trauma and Vulnerability During War – Doug Henry (University of North Texas)
9. The Violence of Humanitarianism – Miriam Ticktin (New School for Social Research)Part Three: Zones of Violence 
10. Gender, Terrorism, and War – Susan J. Brison (Dartmouth College)
11. The Continuum of Violence – Cynthia Cockburn (City University London)
12. Child Soldiers – Julia Dickson-Gómez (Medical College of Wisconsin)
13. Girls Behind the (Front) Lines – Carolyn Nordstrom (Notre Dame)
14. On the Run – Solrun Williksen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)Part Four: Intimacies of Suffering 
15. War and Sexual Violence – Elisabeth Jean Wood (Yale University)
16. Militarizing Women’s Lives – Cynthia Enloe (Clark University)
17. The Political Economy of Rape – Meredeth Turshen (Rutgers University)
18. On the Torture of Others – Susan SontagPart Five: Normalizing Terror
19. Cultural Appropriations of Suffering – Arthur Kleinman and Joan Kleinman (Harvard University)
20. The Biopolitics of Disposability – Henry A. Giroux (MacMaster University)
21. Empire of Camps – Nicholas Mirzoeff (New York University)Index