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‘Hvalnica ljubezni’, Alain Badiou & Slavoj Žižek | Analecta 2010

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The book is divided into three parts. The first is a conversation between  Alain Badiou and Nicolas Truong titled ‘In Praise of Love’, the second is a text by Alain Badiou titled ‘The Scene of the Two’ and the third part is Slavoj Žižek’s text ‘ Terror as a category of love’ in which, among other things, he carefully develops an analysis comparing the Christian and the Buddhist notions of love.Abstract of Žižek‘’s ‘Teror as a category of love’:Terror is an essential component of unconditional erotic love, subtracting the couple from their community. It seems that agape, love for the community, in contrast to eros manages to get rid of this excessive violence pertaining to erotic love. But is there not excessive violence in the very Christian notion of love for the Neighbour, best exemplified by a series of Christ’s statements (»I have come to čast fire upon the earth,« etc.)? Christ’s position here is that of revolutionary love, as formulated by Che Guevara, of love not simply opposed to hate, but love realizing itself through violence. Here the Christian tradition coincides with an unconditional egalitarian love for the Neighbour in the singularity of his exceptional position, in his »toxic«, non-assimilable nature. Love is the force of an universal link which, in an emancipatory collective, connects people directly, in their singularity, bypassing particular hierarchic determinations. This terror out of love for the universal-singular others, resisting ali particularities, is the work of love.