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‘Polygraph 15/16: Immanence, Transcendence, and Utopia’ by Marta Hernández Salván & Juan Carlos Rodríguez



Introduction: Neither Immanence nor Transcendence
Marta Hernández SalvánImm/Trans
Original French version also available
Jean-Luc NancyLeaving Immanence: Art from Death
Arturo LeyteInfrapolitics and Immaterial Reflection
Alberto MoreirasPost-Political Citizenship
Kenneth SurinThe Becoming-Oedipal of Gilles Deleuze
Slavoj ŽižekThe Flux and the Party: In the Margins of Anti-Oedipus
Alain BadiouLogics of Antagonism: In the Margins of Alain Badiou’s “The Flux and the Party”
Bruno BosteelsKafka’s Voices
Mladen DolarInvestigations of the Lacanian Field: Some Remarks on Comedy and Love
Alenka ZupančičTradition and Transcendence: Postmodernity’s Entanglement in Immanence
Robert SpencerImmanence and (Its) Interruption: Critical Reconstellations
Juan Carlos Rodríguez