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‘The Idea of Communism’ by Slavoj Žižek



Radical intellectuals discuss the continued importance of communism.Do not be afraid, join us, come back! You’ve had your anti-communist fun, and you are pardoned for it—time to get serious once again!—Slavoj ŽižekResponding to [../../../../text/books/alain-badiou/the-communist-hypothesis/index.html Alain Badiou’s ‘communist hypothesis’], the leading political philosophers of the Left convened in London in 2009 to take part in a landmark conference to discuss the perpetual, persistent notion that, in a truly emancipated society, all things should be owned in common. This volume brings together their discussions on the philosophical and political import of the communist idea, highlighting both its continuing significance and the need to reconfigure the concept within a world marked by havoc and crisis.----Contributors: Alain Badiou, Judith Batdo, Bruno Bosteels, Susan Buck-Morss, Costas Douzinas, Terry Eagleton, Peter Hallward, Michael Hartdt, Jean-Luc Nancy, Antonio Negri, Jacques Rancière, Alessandro Russo, Alberto Toscano, Gianni Vattimo & Slavoj Žižek----See also:* [../../../../text/books/slavoj-zizek/the-idea-of-communism-the-new-york-conference/index.html ‘The Idea of Communism vol. 2: The New York Conference’ by Slavoj Žižek] (book)

  • [../../../../text/books/slavoj-zizek/the-idea-of-communism-the-seoul-conference/index.html ‘The Idea of Communism vol. 3: The Seoul Conference’ by Alex Taek-Gwang Lee & Slavoj Žižek] (book)