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‘The Idea of Communism vol. 3: The Seoul Conference’ by Alex Taek-Gwang Lee & Slavoj Žižek



A cast of radical intellectuals discuss the continued importance of communist principlesIn 2009 [../../../../text/books/slavoj-zizek/the-idea-of-communism/index.html Slavoj Žižek brought together an acclaimed group of intellectuals] to discuss the continued relevance of communism. Unexpectedly the conference attracted an audience of over 1,000 people.The discussion [../../../../text/books/slavoj-zizek/the-idea-of-communism-the-new-york-conference/index.html has continued across the world] and this book gathers responses from the conference in Seoul. It includes the interventions of regular contributors Alain Badiou and Slavoj Žižek, as well as work from across Asia, notably from Chinese scholar Wang Hui, offering regional perspectives on communism in an era of global economic crisis and political upheaval. What does it mean to talk of communism as an emancipatory possibility to a geographical neighbour of North Korea, Vietnam or China?With contributions by Alain Badiou, Wang Hui, Ho Duk Hwang, Rosalind C. Morris, Pun Ngai, Claudia Pozzana, Alessandra Russo, Yong Soon Seo, and Cécile Winter