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‘The Truth of Žižek’ by Paul Bowman & Richard Stamp



Slavoj Žižek is widely regarded as one of the world’s most important contemporary thinkers. His work has contributed dramatically to the reinvention and revivification of many key theoretical and political debates. Indeed, his vociferous and challenging body of work amounts to a sustained, ground-breaking, terrain-shifting and far reaching intervention into a large number of academic disciplines, intellectual fields and cultural debates. The Truth of Žižek addresses the rigorous critical assessment demanded by this broad and increasingly influential corpus. This timely and compelling collection of essays from an international team of leading Žižekian scholars addresses the full range of Žižek’s theoretical interventions, assessing critically the political, philosophical, psychoanalytical, cultural and institutional stakes of his work. Each chapter engages with and challenges Žižek’s thought to explicate a key aspect of his work, clarifying its importance and challenging its claims through rigorous critique. By focusing on Žižek’s contributions to these disciplines, fields and debates, this collection sets out to diagnose and assess the emergence of a ‘ Žižekian moment’ within contemporary intellectual, cultural and political events. The Truth of Žižek provides the first sustained engagement with and assessment of the significant impact of Žižek’s work. This compelling and valuable collection of essays from cutting edge scholars picks up the gauntlet thrown down by Žižek: the demand that his readers respond with ‘the coldness and cruelty of true friendship.’----ContentsAcknowledgementsSimon Critchley: Foreword: Why Žižek Must Be DefendedPaul Bowman and Richard Stamp: Editors’ Introduction: Is this not precisely … The Truth of Žižek.Leigh Claire La BergeThe Writing Cure: Slavoj Žižek, Analysand of Modernity.Paul BowmanThe Tao of Žižek.Mark DevenneyŽižek’s Passion for the Real: The Real of Terror, The Terror of the Real.Jeremy GilbertAll the Right Questions, All the Wrong Answers.Iain Hamilton GrantThe Insufficiency of Ground: On Žižek’s Schellingianism.Oliver MarchartActing and the Act: On Slavoj Žižek’s Political Ontology.John MowittTrauma Envy.Ian ParkerThe Truth of Over-identification.Richard Stamp: ‘Another exemplary case’: Žižek’s example.Jeremy ValentineDenial, Anger and Resentment.Slavoj ŽižekAfterword: With Defenders Like These, Who Needs Attackers?BibliographyIndex