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‘The Universal Exception’ by Slavoj Žižek



The Universal Exception is the second volume of the collected key writings of Slavoj Žižek – one of the most provocative and inspiring writers on culture at work today. Collecting together a broad selection of Žižek’s major writings on politics, The Universal Exception showcases Žižek’s formidable range of interests and his style. The book includes his writings on such right-wing icons as Ayn Rand and Leni Riefenstahl; his take on the logic of capitalism and the condition of contemporary radical politics; and his views on major current global issues and events, including the Iraq war. Together with [../../../../text/books/slavoj-zizek/interrogating-the-real/index.html Interrogating the Real], the first volume of Žižek’s selected writings, this collection offers a superb introduction to the work of this prolific, controversial and vastly entertaining cultural commentator.