Fondation du Champ Freudien

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Lacan established the Fondation du Champ Freudien (Foundation of the Freudian Field) in 1979.

It was directed by Judith Miller.

The Foundation of the Freudian Field was created by Jacques Lacan in February 1979. The Foundation is open to all those, known and unknown, who throughout the world devote themselves to the teaching of Lacan and try to follow him in their own countries, in their own languages, in their own cultures. The Foundation is in this way open to the initiatives and innovations, which it itself calls for, although those who propose them are not also those who carry them out. In this melting pot were born seven Schools of the Freudian Field, which, together with the School of the Freudian Cause, today belong to the World Association of Psychoanalysis. The Foundation houses the Institute of the Freudian Field, to which multiple networks are linked, including numerous study groups, especially in countries where psychoanalysis had been ignored until then, even prohibited. The International Federation of the Libraries of the Freudian Field came to support this great movement throughout the world, since 1990, giving impulse to the debate and assuring the circulation of publications. Every two years the Foundation organises an International Encounter of the Freudian Field, which has been carried out since 1980 until 2002 on either side of the Atlantic alternatively.[1]