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In 1992 Miller set up the World Association of Psychoanalysis, WAP, in order to advance Lacan's teachings.

Today it has over a thousand members in Europe, America and Australia.

The WAP creates Schools that transmit psychoanalysis, ensure the formation of analysts, guarantee their qualification and the quality of their practice.


The aim of the World Association of Psychoanalysis is to promote the practice and the study of psychoanalysis following the teachings of Jacques Lacan.

It was created by Jacques-Alain Miller in February 1992 and today has over a thousand members in Europe, America and Australia.

The WAP creates Schools that develop and transmit psychoanalysis, ensure the formation of analysts, found their qualification and guarantee the quality of their practice.

The World Association of Psychoanalysis holds a Scientific Congress and an Assembly of members every two years.

It works in coordination with the Foundation of the Freudian Field and the Institute of the Freudian Field, sharing the responsibility for submitting psychoanalysis to regular criticism of its fundamentals and of its role in today’s world.

About the WAP

The creation of the World Association of Psychoanalysis was announced by Jacques-Alain Miller in Buenos Aires on January 3rd 1992 and registered in Paris on January 7th of the same year. The WAP is not a School but it requires psychoanalysts in order to fulfill its aim. For the past eleven years it has therefore created Schools where psychoanalysis is developed and transmitted, where its practice is controlled, where analysts are produced and their qualification is founded.

The so-called "Paris Pact", signed on February 1st 1992, recognized the four Schools already existing within the Freudian Field

Ecole de la Cause Freudienne (1981) Escuela del Campo Freudiano de Caracas (1986) Escuela Europea de Psicoanálisis (1990) Escuela de la Orientación Lacaniana (1992)

Since 1992, the WAP has created five new Schools. Escola Brasileira de Psicanálise (1995) Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanálisis (2000) Nueva Escuela Lacaniana (2000) Scuola Lacaniana de Psicoanalisi (2002) New Lacanian School (2003)

The aim of the Association is to promote psychoanalysis according to the orientation given by Jacques Lacan to the field opened by Freud (Founding Act). It links the existing Schools and their members, while giving impulse to the creation of new Schools. Its activities are coordinated with the Association of the Freudian Field and the Institute of the Freudian Field. The Assembly, which includes all the members of the Association, meets once every two years on the occasion of the Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis. The Association currently has several newsletters published in various languages, as well as mailing lists and bulletins of the Freudian Field.

The School One

The WAP is an Association that joins together eight Schools, based in different countries, and more than a thousand members who speak various languages.

What predominates at the level of association is diversity. The School One is the name for what these Schools have in common: their theoretical references, their concern for the formation of analysts, the style of psychoanalytic practice, and the doctrine of the end of analysis. The creation of the School One was approved at the Second Congress of the WAP (Buenos Aires, 2000).

In this section you will find the Preamble and Declaration of the School One, the Regulations appended to the Declaration, the address of Jacques-Alain Miller to the Council of the WAP on January 22, 2000 and the amendments concerning the Action Committee passed in July 2000.

The Schools

In this section you will find information about the Schools of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP).

First you are introduced to the concept of the School, since it is this concept, rather than that of the society, that oriented Lacan in his Founding Act, in 1964.

You can also find information about the series of Schools that currently belong to the WAP and through which the concept of the School has been sustained, renewed and particularised.

The series of the Schools

Jacques Lacan’s conception of what a School is guided him in his aim of offering an organization to those who wished to follow him in the reconquest of the Freudian Field. At present, this concept and aim have become a "serious" experience in the Lacanian sense: an experience that generates a series.

The WAP currently has eight operating Schools among its institutional members. Information about them is provided in this subsection.

There are five Schools in Europe:

  • The École de la Cause Freudienne (ECF), in France, founded in January, 1981.
  • The École Européenne de Psychanalyse (EEP), founded in September, 1990, which acts as a reference for various European countries and which has three sections:
    • La Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanálisis del Campo Freudiano (ELP), in Spain, founded in May, 2000.
    • La Scuola Lacaniana di Psicoanalisi del Campo Freudiano (SLP), in Italy, founded in May, 2002.
    • The New LacanianSchool (NLS), the first English-speaking school, founded in May, 2003.

There are three Schools in America:

  • La Escuela de la Orientación Lacaniana (EOL), in Argentina, founded in January, 1992, at the time of the creation of the WAP.
  • La Escola Brasileira de Psicanalise (EBP), in Brazil, founded in April, 1995.
  • La Nueva Escuela Lacaniana (NEL), which includes Perú, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia and Miami, founded in July, 2000.

For information about the institutional life of any of the different Schools of the WAP, you can go to links with the Schools and then to their corresponding websites.

The Cartel

The cartel describes the working device that is the basic unit of the Schools.

The Pass

The device of the pass

The Guarantee

The commission of guarantee

Office Holders

2004-2006 Council
Graciela Brodsky - delegada general

Members of the Council
Miquel Bassols, Marie- Hélène Brousse, Romildo do Rego Barros, Luis Erneta, Germán García, Pierre- Gilles Guéguen, Jean-Daniel Matet, Ronald Portillo, Ricardo Seldes, Luis Solano Bureau:
Eric Laurent (Homologaciones)
Alexandre Stevens (Secretario a cargo de la tesorería)
Mauricio Tarrab (Secretario)

Office Holders from 1992-2002

Institutional Texts

The Founding Act - 21 June 1964 Jacques Lacan Acte de fondation - 21 juin 1964 - French

The Paris Pact

Jacques-Alain Miller, Eric Laurent, François Leguil, Samuel Basz, Jorge Chamorro, Guy Clastres, Manuel Kizer, Joan Salinas-Rosés Pacte de Paris - French

The Statutes of the WAP

Texts by Jacques Lacan


World Association of Psychoanalysis Preamble and declaration Communications, addresses, regulations Action committee 2000-2002 Action committee 2002-2004 Papers

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Debates and Interviews

WAP Directory

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