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Jean-Claude Milner is a French linguist, philosopher, science theoretician, writer and thinker. He was born in Paris in 1941. He made his studies in Paris and in the United States. He is a specialist in the questions of linguistics which he studied in particular with Roland Barthes.


Milner studied to the École normal Supérieure and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was coined/shaped early of the science-theoretical considerations of Louis Althusser and Jacques Lacan and belonged to the circle of the Lacan pupils around Jacques Alain Miller. Milner taught internationally de philosophy” up to its retirement general linguistics to the Université Paris VII. it was a chairman of the Parisian “Collège.

He is a former president of the international College of philosophy, professor of linguistics at the University Paris VII and President of the scientific council of the Paris-VII university.


With its first publications Milner of one was the earliest französischern Sprachwisenschaftler, which rezipierte the linguistics of Noam Chomsky in France, whose Aspects OF A Theory OF syntax Milner translated. However it protested against the cognition-biological bases, which Chomsky wanted to give in later publications to its language theory. Although it holds to the formal framework, which Chomskys Generative grammar in their different development stages made available, he developed in such a way to a critic of the Chomsky linguistics, whose problem he represented une science you langage (Seuil, 1989) in its book Introduction à. This work is a wissenschaftstheortetische investigation to the Epistemologie of the linguistics, to which there is little comparable in its kind.

While Chomskys linguistics made the formal description methods available for Milners linguistics and the substantial science-theoretical beginnings come from Alexandre Koyré, is the central, although theoretical point of reference always explicitly not specified the work of the Psychoanlytikers Lacan, which he in L' œuvre claire. Lacan, la science et la philosophy (Seuil, 1995) as a clear rational philosopher - and not as dadaistischen “Poststruktualisten” - porträtierte.

Besides Milner published work to the literature (Détections of fictives, Seuil, 1985, Dire le verse, together with François Regnault, Seuil, 1987; Mallarmé outer tombeau, Verdier, 1999) and intervened in the public discussion around the European Antisemitismus (Les penchants criminels de l'Europe démocratique, Verdier, 2003) and around the situation of the culture in France, that in its opinion most most culture and intelligence-most hostile country in the world (Existe t IL une vie intellectuelle EN France? , Verdier, 2002). In its book Archéologie D' un échec, 1950-1993 (Seuil, 1993) he described history that linking in France - to which he to add actual and the failure of its illusions.


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  • Les noms indistincts. Paris: Seuil, 1978. (= Connexions you Champs be pleased-serve.)
  • Ordres et raisons de langue. Paris: Seuil, 1982. (= Travaux of linguistiques.) [essay collection]
  • L' amour de la langue. Paris: Seuil, 1983. (= Connexions you Champ be pleased-serve.)
  • Le Périple structural. Figures et paradigmes. Paris: Seuil, 2002. (= La couleur the idées.)

Published by the Verdier editions:

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  • Lo Triple LED To place, Ediciones del Cifrado, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1999

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