NATO as the Left Hand of God

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From the supplier: The NATO-Yugoslavia conflict of 1999 has been inaccurately characterized as a humanitarian intervention. The only supportable grounds for intervention would have been the goal of preventing people in Kosovo from becoming victims, but this was not done.

The NATO-Yugoslav conflict is a political example of the famous drawing in which we recognise the contours either of a rabbit head or of a goose head, depending on our mental focus. If we look at the situation in a certain way, we see the international community enforcing minimal human rights standards on a nationalist neo-Communist leader engaged in ethnic cleansing, ready to ruin his own nation just to retain power. If we shift the focus, we see NATO, the armed hand of the new capitalist global order, defending the strategic interests of the capital in the guise of a disgusting travesty, posing as a disinterested enforcer of human rights, attacking a sovereign country which acts as an obstacle to...

Read NATO, the Left Hand of God? (Essay) for a (large) sample.

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Zizek, Slavoj. NATO as the Left Hand of God. (NATO-Yugoslavia Conflict of 1999). ('Arena Magazine. Arena Printing and Publications Pty. Ltd. August 1, 1999, Page 20) Zagreb: Arkzin 1999, 1st Edition, Paperback, 60 pages, Language: English, ISBN: 9536542102. Buy it at,,, or