Situation de la psychanalyse et formation du psychanalyste en 1956

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1956 (33 pp.)-SITUATION DE LA PSYCHANALYSE ET FORMATION DU PSYCHANAL YSTE EN 1956 (THE SITUATION OF PSYCHOANALYSIS AND THE PSYCHOANALYST'S TRAINING IN 1956) Lacan gave a talk at Sainte-Anne (30) for the centenary of Freud's birth, and he wrote this article for the special issue of Etudes Phi/osophiques. From the start, his position is clear: "To use the terms by which Freud defined [[[analytic]] experience] not as precepts, but as concepts that are appropriate for th~se terms." In a rather Manichaean way, this polemical text assails Jhe unfaithful and their nullity (they are accused of not having elaborated "a single new notion"), while seriousness and lyricism are on Lacan's side. He is the only faithful one in his audacity: "The operation that consists in waking up, an operation based on the words of the Master in a return to the life of his word, can be equated with the care for a decent sepulchre." Lacan was never done attacking "the others." Hence, when he rewrote hi~