Le stade du miroir

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In 1936, Lacan read a major paper to the Fourteenth Congress of the International Psycho-Analytical Association in Marienbad.


The paper was entitled "Le stade du miroir. Théorie d'un moment structurant et génétique de la constitution de la réalité, conçu en relation avec l'expérience et la doctrine psychanalytique."

((This is "the first pivotal moment of our [Lacan's] intervention in psychoanalytic theory."))

Indexed as "The Looking-Glass Phase", International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, vol. 18, 1937, p. 78.

The paper remains unpublished; the version included in Ecrits dates from 1949.

Lacan states in 1966 that he omitted to submit the text for publication in the Conference proceedings.

((However he "neglected to submit the text of this address for the Proceedings of the Congress."))

In earlier references to this paper he recalls that the Viennese group gave it a fairly warm reception but that Ernest Jones, who chaired the Congress, interrupted its delivery because Lacan had overrun his allotted time.

Jones mentions neithers the paper nor the incident in his brief account of the Marienbad Congress.

There appears to have been no public discussion of Lacan's paper.

In 1949, Lacan read a revised version of this paper to the IPA Congress in Zurich.