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Kid A In Alphabet Land

Kida u.gif

Kid A In Alphabet Land Undermines Another Uncouth Usurper - The Unsavory Unheimlich!

I Could Just Wish You Dead, Which Would Surely Be A Means To An End, But Not Yours! It's Déjà Vu All Over Again! Ha! You're Just A Disagreeable Bit Of Reality I've Dined On Before! Choke On This, Unheimlich!

Can He Can The Uncanny?

Kid A In Alphabet Land

Act · Blot · Commodity-fetish · Death Drive · Ego-ideal · Father · Gaze · Hysteric · Imaginary · Jouissance · Kapital · Letter · Mirror Stage · Name · Other · Phallus · Qua · Real · Super Signifier · Thing · Unheimlich · Voice · Woman · Xenophobe · Yew · Z-man