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Judith Miller (born 1941) is a French philosopher, and the daughter of Jacques Lacan — radical psychoanalyst, and wife to prominent Lacanian Jacques-Alain Miller.

As a Maoist philosophy lecturer at Vincennes in Paris, her radicalism caused the official disaffiliation of the philosophy department, after she handed out course credit to someone she met on a bus, and subsequently publicly declared in a radio interview that the university is a capitalist institution, and that she would do everything she could to make it run as badly as possible. After this she was demoted by the French education department to a lycée teacher.

Jacques Lacan

On 3 July 1941, Judith Bataille, the daughter of Lacan and Sylvia Maklès-Bataille, is born. Judith receives the surname Bataille because Lacan is still married to Marie-Louise.

On 15 December 1941, Lacan and Marie-Louise Blondin are officially divorced.