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Marie-Louise Blondin (16 November 1906 - 1983) was Jacques Lacan’s first wife, the sister of Jacques Lacan's friend the surgeon Sylvain Blondin.

In 1933, Lacan falls in love with Marie-Louise Blondin.

On 29 January 1934, he marries Marie-Louise Blondin, who gives birth to their first child, Caroline, the same month.

Three children were born from this marriage, Caroline in |1934, Thibaut in 1939 and Sibylle in 1940.

On 3 July 1941, Judith Bataille, the daughter of Lacan and Sylvia Maklès-Bataille, is born. Judith receives the surname Bataille because Lacan is still married to Marie-Louise.

On 15 December 1941, Lacan and Marie-Louise Blondin are officially divorced.

She dies in 1983.