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About the Authors

Carl Steadman's alter ego is Kid A In Alphabet Land. Mild-mannered Carl conceived, wrote, and designed Kid A In Alphabet Land, and he did it all for you. Andra Brubaker is not only a ruinous femme fatale, she's also illustrator for Kid A In Alphabet Land. She's collaborated with Carl on other projects, including the Procter & Gamble Coloring Book and Rats To Cats! Michael Herman, not related to Pee-wee, but guilty of the same crimes, contributed the text to S. Had things gone differently, S might have been the secret, but then the secret is, after all, that there is no secret.

Special thanks to Jochen Schulte-Sasse, who didn't encourage us, but didn't discourage us (this would change later, of course), and to Slavoj Zizek, who, at first, "didn't know about these," which was a true statement, but flattering nonetheless.

Kid A In Alphabet Land