Studies on Hysteria

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Studies on Hysteria (German: Studien über Hysterie) was a book published in 1895 by Sigmund Freud and Josef Breuer. It contained a number of Breuer and Freud's case studies of "hysterics". It included one of their most famous cases, Breuer's Anna O., which introduced the technique of psychoanalysis as a form of cure.

Studies on Hysteria Beginning in 1892, Sigmund Freud gradually abandoned the technique of hypnosis and began using the "method of cathartic abreaction" that had been described to him by his older colleague, Josef Breuer, ten years earlier. He became increasingly convinced of the sexual origin of neurotic disturbances in his patients and, uneasy over the work Pierre Janet had begun to publish (L'État mental des hystériques, 1892-1894), convinced Breuer to join him in writing a book that, by situating the origin of their research in 1881, would assure...