The Spectre is Still Roaming Around

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Žižek, S. (2000) The Spectre is Still Roaming Around, Zagreb: Arkzin.

Review by Tony Myers

Written as the introduction to a 150th commemorative edition of Marx's The Communist Manifesto, this small book/essay is now sold sepa- rately. Much of the material here is a recapitulation of the ideas in the last chapter of The Ticklish Subject; however, Žižek structures it around a consideration of the value of The Communist Manifesto for us today. He argues that, despite its revolutionary shortcomings, the Manifesto's analyses of the destructive effects of capital are more applicable to the world of late capitalism - a world in which the brutal imposition of a unified global market threatens all local ethnic traditions, including the very form of the Nation-State - than they ever were when it was originally written.

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