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an encylopedia of Lacanian psychoanalysis
Sigmund Freud
Jacques Lacan
Slavoj Žižek
Alain Badiou
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  1. The Act‏‎ (126,320 views)
  2. Jacques Lacan‏‎ (111,493 views)
  3. Jouissance‏‎ (107,787 views)
  4. Other‏‎ (91,214 views)
  5. Sign‏‎ (81,298 views)
  6. Phallus‏‎ (81,038 views)
  7. Lack‏‎ (68,916 views)
  8. Thing‏‎ (67,712 views)
  9. Drive‏‎ (67,396 views)
  10. Desire‏‎ (67,091 views)
  11. Castration complex‏‎ (65,689 views)
  12. Psychosis‏‎ (61,324 views)
  13. Death drive‏‎ (61,173 views)
  14. Commodity-fetish‏‎ (58,613 views)
  15. Symbolic‏‎ (58,603 views)
  16. Seminar I‏‎ (58,442 views)
  17. Objet (petit) a‏‎ (57,766 views)
  18. Signifier‏‎ (55,364 views)
  19. Imaginary‏‎ (54,532 views)
  20. Fantasy‏‎ (52,561 views)
  21. Sigmund Freud‏‎ (51,624 views)
  22. Ego-ideal‏‎ (51,458 views)
  23. Unconscious‏‎ (51,072 views)
  24. Castration‏‎ (48,230 views)
  25. Treatment‏‎ (47,423 views)
  26. Woman‏‎ (47,263 views)
  27. Fetish/Fetishistic disavowal‏‎ (47,259 views)
  28. Bar‏‎ (45,662 views)
  29. Subject‏‎ (45,147 views)
  30. Knowledge‏‎ (44,353 views)

Jacques Lacan
Jacques Marie Émile Lacan (1901 - 1981) was a French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who has been called "the most controversial psycho-analyst since Freud". Giving yearly seminars in Paris from 1953 to 1981, Lacan influenced many leading French intellectuals in the 1960s and the 1970s, especially those associated with post-structuralism. His ideas had a significant impact on post-structuralism, critical theory, linguistics, 20th-century French philosophy, film theory, and clinical psychoanalysis.
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A ActActing outAdaptationAggressivityAlgebraAlienationAnalysandAnxietyAutonomous egoMore

B BarBeautiful soulBeing - Bejahung - BiologyBorromean knotMore

C Castration complex - Cogito - CommunicationComplexCondensationConsciousnessCounterpartCountertransferenceMore

D das Ding - Death driveDemandDesireDesire of the analystDevelopmentDiscourseDisplacementDriveDual relationMore

E EgoEgo-idealEgo-psychologyEnd of analysisEnunciationEthicsExistenceExtimacyMore

F FantasyFatherFetishismForeclosureFormationFragmented bodyMore

G GazeGraph of desireMore

H HelplessnessHysteriaMore

I IdIdeal-egoIdentificationImaginaryInternational Psycho-Analytical AssociationInterpretationIntersubjectivityMore

J Jouissance - More

K Kleinian psychoanalysisKnowledgeMore

L LackLanguageLawLetterLibidoLinguisticsLoveMore

M MasterMathemeMetalanguageMetonymyMirror StageMoebius stripMotherMéconnaissanceMore

N Name-of-the-FatherNarcissismNatureNeedNegationNeurosisMore

O Objet petit a - Obsessional neurosisOedipus complexOrderOtherMore

P ParanoiaPassage to the actPhallusPhilosophyPhobiaPleasure principle - Point de capiton - PsychoanalysisPsychologyPsychosisMore

R RealRecollectionRegisterRegressionReligionRepetitionRepressionResistanceMore

S SeminarSexual DifferenceSexual RelationshipSignSignificationSignifierSignifying chainSpecular ImageSpeechSplitSubjectSubject supposed to knowSublimationSuperegoSymbolicSymptomMore

T ThingTopologyTreatmentTruthMore

U UnconsciousMore

W WomanMore

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I. Freud's technical writings - II. The Ego in Freud's Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis - III. The Psychoses - IV. The Object Relations - V. The Formations of the Unconscious - VI. Desire and its Interpretation - VII. The Ethics of Psychoanalysis - VIII. Transference - IX. Identification - The Names of the Father - X. Anxiety - XI. The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis - XII .Crucial Problems for Psychoanalysis - XIII. The Object of Psychoanalysis - XIV. The Logic of Fantasy - XV. The Psychoanalytic Act - XVI. From One Other to the Other - XVII. The Reverse of Psychoanalysis - XVIII. On a Discourse That Would Not Be Semblance - XIX - XX. Encore - XXV. The Moment of Concluding - XXVII. Dissolution